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Re: [orion-dev] how is Bugzilla used ?

On 24 Apr 2015, at 14:53, John Arthorne wrote:

From: "Max Rydahl Andersen" <manderse@xxxxxxxxxx>
I mean the query that drives this: ?

Ha! I have never seen that page before! Maybe it is a new feature in the project portal... From poking around I can see it is a query of all bugs with a target milestone of "9.0". This is a nice overview of the work that
has been done and in progress for 9.0. I don't think it is a very
forward-looking view though, because we often don't add the target
milestone until we are confident it will make it into the release. So
there will be many more things that come up and get resolved for 9.0 that are not shown here yet. Notice that out of 193 bugs in that list, 158 are already resolved, so by that measure we should be nearly done with 9.0 :)

so just to paraphrase - there is no query I as outsider your mailbox(!)
can see which issues that least are planned/assigned/expected to be worked on towards
next orion release ?

Would it not be nice even for you self to use either ASSIGNED + fix version or something similar
to state what is expected the next 4-8 weeks ?


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