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Re: [orion-dev] "Getting_the_source" updates

For 1), the EPP packages have been renamed. The new name is: Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers.

I have made that change on the wiki, but knock yourself out with doing the other updates - thanks!


From:        Brian Leathem <bleathem@xxxxxxxxx>
To:        orion-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        04/22/2015 12:56 PM
Subject:        [orion-dev] "Getting_the_source" updates
Sent by:        orion-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Orion devs,

I recently worked through the "Getting_the_source" guide [1] in the wiki
to get started with Orion, and came across a couple of stumbling blocks.

1) The page suggests installing "Eclipse Classic".  I could find no such
package on the eclipse packages page [2].  I did find an "Eclipse
Standard" [3] package, but that is not listed on the packages page
either.  I proceeded with using the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers"
package, but that was missing the PDE plugin.

I'd like to update the wiki page to clarify which IDE package + plugins
to install. I see two possible solutions:
a) Use "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" + add instructions to install
the PDE plugin
b) Use "Eclipse Standard"

I prefer a) since b) isn't an officially promoted download.

2) There is a lot of variation in the git urls embedded throughout the
text, mixing protocols and paths.  Some of the URLs embed in the
instructions are http (not https), and result in a 404.  I'd like to
update the wiki to have a single section listing the git URLs, and link
back to that section throughout the text.

3) The node.js section needs an addition of setting the "workspace" in
the orion.conf file.

Unless there are any objections I'll go ahead and update the wiki page.

Brian Leathem
Red Hat

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