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[orion-dev] Planet orion N&N content

We are now using the Planet Orion blog as our way of broadcasting New & Noteworthy content. The idea is to have a regular rhythm of new features that we talk about, instead of a big bang feature list every few months. I am looking for "volunteers" for the next set of posts to let people know about all the cool stuff coming in Orion 7.0.  It doesn't need to be a long winded treatise - just a short summary of the new feature from an end user's perspective, and related screen shots. I will help with editing and reviewing.  Here is my initial attempt at a topic list. Please follow up with me off-list if you see something that doesn't make sense to you, or if I missed any major topics.

Orion 7.0 - _javascript_ tooling enhancements        Mike
Orion 7.0 - New help system                        Grant
Announce Orion 7.0 release                        John
Orion 7.0 - New Git UI                                Bogdan
Orion 7.0 - Multi-instance server                        Paul
Orion 7.0 - Hover support                        Eric
Orion 7.0 - Cloud foundry tooling                        Szymon or Maciej


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