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[orion-dev] Fwd: [orion-releng] Orion Build : I20131207-1412

Title: Orion Build I20131207-1412
Deployed to dev server

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From: e4Build@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: December 7, 2013 at 2:44:50 PM EST
To: orion-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [orion-releng] Orion Build : I20131207-1412
Reply-To: "Orion build notices and discussions" <orion-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx>

See here for the build results: I20131207-1412
The build contains the following changes:
+ Bug 422499 - Filtering for outliner does not find non-visible items (NEW)
+ Bug 422787 - [eslint] Region flagged by "Missing semicolon" is too large (FIXED)
+ Bug 423190 - Replacement compare preview in search page shows original lines in green, replaced in red (FIXED)
+ Bug 423386 - Sidebar resizing in a filtered outline mode causes 'View' menu button to disappear (NEW)
+ Bug 423391 - [font icons] Git repo page padding is off (NEW)
+ Bug 423441 - [IE11 only] attempting to self-host shows "your browser is not supported" page (FIXED)
+ Bug 423442 - Unified diff shows reverse order comparing files that have no line ending at EOF. (FIXED)
+ Bug 423444 - Inconsistent underline on file icon hover (FIXED)
+ Bug 423446 - expanders on Shell page have become messed up (FIXED)
+ Bug 423459 - [eslint] "Unexpected end of input" message not shown (FIXED)
+ Bug 423469 - [Icon Font] Gear and persona icons don't render well on windows (FIXED)
+ Bug 423480 - Search and local find: Deleting a recent search or find does not refresh the list right away. (NEW)

The following projects have changed:

Test Results 

Test# TestsFailuresErrorsSuccess RateTime
 JS Tests - Firefox 23.0000NaN0.000
 JUnit Tests: Server Tests41300100.00%316.859

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