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[orion-dev] ESLint is now the default JavaScript validator

In master, I've just switched Orion's default validator for _javascript_ files from JSLint to ESLint.

ESLint should give us greater flexibility in customizing what kinds of programming problems and stylistic errors we present, and allow us to provide better feedback when syntax errors are in your code (by leveraging the tolerant esprima parser that ships with Orion).

I will iterate on this in the coming weeks. What we have in master is the minimum required to do an OK job of validating JS code. Therefore...

If you notice the validator behaving badly:
If ESLint incorrectly flags your code, or fails to flag something you think is wrong, please open a bug against the JS Tools component.

If you want JSLint back:
  • Go to Settings > Validation, and check the box beside "Use JSLint..."
  • Also uncheck ESLint (to prevent piles of similar errors from being shown) and then everything will be back to the way it was before.
What about HTML
HTML is still validated using JSLint for the time being, regardless of what you choose in Settings > Validation. We don't have any better story yet for checking your HTML markup and <script> tags.

There is a wiki page tracking the ESLint work here:


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