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[orion-dev] Content assist, request help

I've seen that you are a contributor to eclipse orion. 
I've been trying to add a content assist provider to my editor, but failed one time after another. 
The editor is for a new language (let's call it "aaa"), and I wrote a content assist plugin for the language, but have no clue on how to add it if I use the editor the way I do (I only need the editor, not the Orion Shell)

my code is:

init = function()
var self = this;
require(["orion/editor/edit"], function (orionEditorClass) 
        /* Create editor */
    self.editor = orionEditorClass({ parent: self.parentDomId, lang: 'aaa', contentassist: true});    

Any help would be highly appreciated! 

Best Regards,
Mattan Bitner.

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