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[orion-dev] Question marks in resource name


I am working with the IBM RD Traveler team. We are using Orion as part of a web-based development environment for IBM mainframes. I'm here to ask for help with an issue we are having.

We can't open the editor on files where the name contains special characters. Characters like * ? $ @ and # are all legal on the mainframe. When we generate links for these files we URL-encode these characters. However Orion still does not seem to be handling them properly.

I'm noticing two issues.

If a name ends with '?' or '#' it gets removed in the request for the file contents. Its common for the mainframe to generate datasets with names like this: MKUCERA.JOB00310.D0000103.?
My guess is that Orion is interpreting the question mark as the start of query parameters. We encode the ? as %3F so it should not do that.

None of the special characters are URL-encoded in the request for the file contents. I'm not exactly sure what's the correct thing to do here, but ? at lest should be re-encoded because our server is interpreting that as the start of query parameters.

Am I doing something wrong or is Orion not able to handle these special characters?


Mike Kucera
Rational Developer for AIX and Linux
IBM Toronto Lab

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