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[orion-dev] [Action required] The "Get Plugins" catalog has moved to HTTPS

Recently web browsers have started to block mixed content [1] . This impacts HTTPS deployments of Orion like OrionHub and

. On OrionHub, for example, current browsers now refuse to install or activate plugins hosted on HTTP servers — such as, our current plugin catalog. Other * domains hosting Orion plugins are similarly affected. See Bug 415279 [2] for details.

To address this, the plugin catalog has been moved to an HTTPS website. Please access it using the URL below from now on. (The "Get Plugins" link on Orion's Settings page has been updated accordingly in HEAD.)

New URL:


If you're a user of Orion or a plugin maintainer, more action is required (see below).

End user

Plugin maintainers:
If your plugin is hosted on an HTTP site, please migrate it to HTTPS. Your plugin's source code can remain at GitHub (or anywhere), but the web content should be HTTPS.
Google Code
is one option for open source plugins, as it provides HTTPS access to your source repo.

If you choose to use Google Code, you can migrate an existing GitHub web branch ("gh-pages") by simply adding your new Google Code repo as a remote and pushing to it:

 git remote add googlecode
 git push googlecode gh-pages

Your files can then be accessed over HTTPS

using a URL like this:

And if you push to a branch named "master" you can use a shorter URL:

Keep in mind that the plugin catalog has always been a temporary place to list useful plugins. Orion committer Maciej is working on a fully featured Orion Store [3], which will replace the current catalog. However HTTPS hosting of plugins will remain a best practice, and I recommend switching to HTTPS sooner rather than later.




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