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Re: [orion-dev] [Search Bug?] On renaming a folder

The index will be updated but it is not instantaneous. On a small server it is fairly quick, but we've been hitting some performance problems on orionhub with very large workspaces where this can take longer to update. Unlike in Eclipse where it blocks the user from searching until indexes are updated, in Orion it is possible to get stale results. You can view this as a bug or a design trade-off depending on your point of view ;)


From:        Pankaj Dhoolia <pdhoolia@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        "Orion developer discussions" <orion-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Date:        08/14/2013 03:01 AM
Subject:        [orion-dev] [Search Bug?] On renaming a folder
Sent by:        orion-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

I observed the following behavior of code search associated with a folder
renaming event.

I renamed a base folder. Performed a search. The search results found a
file with location pointing to the folder prior to renaming. The file from
the renamed folder did not show up in the result.

Does the search index not automatically get refreshed on events such as
folder renaming?
Is there a way to explicitly ask for a refresh of search index?


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