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[orion-dev] Updates to Orion/Getting the source wiki page

Hi Team,

I have made a few updates to I have been using this guide to self-host in an Eclipse IDE and it needs a few tweaks. Correct me if I am wrong but this seems to be *the* guide for setting up an Orion server development environment.

I have updated to reflect the comments in .

I cleaned up the wording for Kepler and the package name for the Eclipse Git Team Provider changed so fixed that as well.

I also added to install the Eclipse Web Developer Tools package. If you do not, by default Eclipse will open CSS and _javascript_ files in an external editor, which is somewhat annoying.

I have updated to take advantage of the Git support in Eclipse and not make the user think they need to install additional git tools.

I have updated based on . We can use this target and it includes all the source bundles. Using an orion build as a target does not really work if you want to debug as most of the source bundles are missing.

I left both of and mostly as is but did update the screenshot of the navigator for 3.0.

If there are any comments let me know.


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