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[orion-dev] Git blame

Hi my name is Chris Conley I'm a student at Brock University in Canada, and I know I'm kind of doing this backwards but I have applied for GSoC at the last minute for the Git Blame project and wanted to introduce myself. I guess this is geared towards Ken Walker since he would be the possible mentor. I was previously working on UCOSP with Andrew Ross on CBI, and I know Ken that you had 2 students working with you: Cameron and Sarah, so I have heard a lot about you. I was discussing doing a proposal earlier with Andrew in a different area of Eclipse(CBI) but it fell through at the last minute because of his crazy schedule, so I wrote a proposal for the Git Blame idea during the middle of the night  Thursday, so I didn't have much time to introduce myself before the due date. I have been subscribed to the Orion mailing list for a few months just laying low since I thought I would apply through CBI and I saw that no one has mentioned this project, plus I think I could do some really cool and useful things with it. I know I've kind of done this backwards, proposal than introduction, so the slim chance of acceptance could be slimmer but I had to try! Thanks for your time.


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