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[orion-dev] GSoC 2013 - Requesting few clarifications about the project - App Store for Orion Plugins

Dear Ken,
I am Alim, a master's student from Bangladesh. I have known about this project from the Eclipse's Ideas page for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013. I am interested in working on the project as a part of the GSoC program. I have already read the Mailing list archives for gathering detail information about the project and have almost prepared the project proposal. However, I am stuck with a few points and thus can not complete it.

In one of your replies, you have said - " Enhancements include allowing multiple destination plugin sites". What I have came to understand by reading this line is that plugin developers will expose their plugins via web services. There will be an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which will keep track of those services and the "getplugins()" extension will communicate with the ESB. Am I thinking in a complicated way? Please do clarify.

In the same reply you have also mentioned - "allowing groups of plugins to be installed together vs. individually". Does it mean that the plugins will be associated with some metadata and based on that suggestions will be provided to install the related plugins during the installation of a single one? Or does it indicate that user can pick a set of plugins by putting tick marks on them and then install all at once? Or both?

Moreover, I need clarifications on the following points-
  • Do the plugins are associated with metadata such as category, based on which filters can be applied?
  • Can the student get a chance to work with the server side technologies or s/he has to work only with HTML, CSS and _javascript_?
  • If the student can get a chance to work on the server side then what will be the technology (like J2EE) that s/he has to work with?

I have seen that you are replying all those emails related to Orion App Store for GSoC and thus hoping that you will also reply in this case.

Best Regards,

Alim Ul Gias

Master's Student

Institute of Information Technology, University of Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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