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[orion-dev] fun facts regarding remaining dojo/dijit usage

I just searched the orion client for references "org.dojotoolkit/dojo".
This shows us where pages are still loading dojo (and likely dijit, dojox) modules.  

We are down to 69 hits (from hundreds), and most of those (35) are test cases.

Better news is that the remaining use can be described and there are bugs for all.  Here's a list of what's left and who is doing the work.
Those curious for bug numbers can just look at all the blocking bugs on the tracking bug.  [1]

compare - Libing
test cases - Simon
plugins that use dojo.Deferred  - Mark
shell - Grant
sites - Mark
search and string externalizer - Libing
git pages - Szymon
self hosting description - Mark
maker - Anton
build files - John



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