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Re: [orion-dev] LotD: "Don?t build the best REST API, build the best HTTP API."

Regarding Rest, without any pretension, I can personally state that we have the best technology for it. JAX-RS is definitely our most amazing technology and once you couple it with a dynamic language like Groovy, the pleasure and the flexibility in your hands are indescribable.


A great web framework that could help us build web applications that can connect to the Rest of the world in order to consume web services is currently the missing piece in Java EE. And this web framework could definitely be the foundation of cloud IDE that can ship with tools that can help us to test and debug our web services. But maybe soon, the company that is leading the Java Community will have this great vision to bring such great innovation...


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Objet : [orion-dev] LotD: "Don?t build the best REST API, build the best HTTP API."


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