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[orion-dev] how to disable sandboxing?

This bug report suggests sandboxing of plugins can be disabled:

Could someone please shed a light on how sandboxing of plugins is
implemented in Orion and how it can be turned off (even if it requires
gutting some code in Orion)? I will then try to look into a way of
selectively disabling it (say, for plug-ins coming from the same
host/port), basically to address  If my knowledge
of Javascript/browser security model wasn't so spotty I am sure I
could find it on my own.

I am hitting orion-dev because I think this is of architectural
interest. The differences between "built-in" and plugin code are an
overwhelming limitation in Orion as is today. It is either the case a
use case was foreseen in some extension point or it just can't be done
(usually because of sandboxing), and that seriously cripples
innovation on top of Orion.

You pointers/directions are appreciated. Keep up the good work.


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