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Re: [orion-dev] What license is Eclipse Orion using?

As of yesterdays Eclipse board meeting we are able to dual license all our non-Java resources within the Orion project.  So our recent Node.js based server code will also be under both licenses.

Essentially, we'll likely try to keep:

server repository - as single license EPL

client repository - as dual license EPL and EDL

even though the client repository will contain our "server" code for Node.js and the repo name may be a bit misleading (since it says client) this is where dual licensed code will live.

Ken Walker
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@k_e_n__w | @orionhub

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Re: [orion-dev] What license is Eclipse Orion using?

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The Eclipse Distribution License = BSD

The "Eclipse Distribution License" is the 3-clause BSD, also known as the
"New BSD". The New BSD license is a template, rather than a license per se.
We simply filled out the template following the instructions given to us by
the OSI.

I hope that clarifies things.

Mike Milinkovich

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> Hello.
> We were given an excellent demo yesterday in which I thought I heard the
> front end license is BSD, and the back end is dual license EPL and BSD,
> when I look on the web and in the source both seem to use EPL. I also see
> EDL mentioned. Can you clarify?
> Thanks,
> Rod
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