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[orion-dev] Editor Problems reporting


You start to see the real value of having everything hosted in the cloud when you loose your computer as I did it today. But sadly, it does not free you from feeling the future pain of reinstalling your IDE and its numerous plugins. And maybe by this sharing, you will better see the real value of your mission.

When I said that your editor is by far the most amazing, I was not totally wrong. And one use case that can highlight its strengths, is to try to reproduce with it, one great feature of the Eclipse IDE . When a file is saved, a validator "is runned" against it to validate its contents. And any error encountered during this process will be reported in the problems view. And if one does click on a row of that view, the editor will scroll to that line of error. 

You can try and see it here 


for the moment, you can only validate a css and a js file with respectively csslint and jslint when you save it. But you don't need really to do so since ALT+V is at any time your best friend....

Best Regards

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