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[orion-dev] Editor themes


I've just committed some improvements in editor styling.

1] Styles now apply to HTML, CSS and JS documents.
2] The theme chooser/builder allows a choice of font sizes now
3] There is a new default theme ( 'Prospecto' )

Prior to these changes, the HTML editor wasn't receiving any style changes, and there was no exterior way to style that editor, other than by changing a css file. In addition, the editors used independent classes for some of the same styles ( for example the main color, comment color etc ).

This update goes some way to reducing the classes they use. Also - in an effort to try to coordinate the color schemes the rules work this way:

Using Prospecto as an example:

orange Class Tag Keyword
darkSlateGray Text Text Text
darkSeaGreen Comments Comments Comments
cornFlowerblue String String String

So if you choose say purple as your HTML tag color, you'll find your JS Keywords that color too.

Since local storage is involved, I ask that you clear it before exploring this too much. Also - there's a bit of coordination between the chooser, local storage, css etc - so let me know if this doesn't work as I'm intending it, or if you'd like to see other defaults etc.

When I introduced themes, I actually didn't realize the editor styling was not common. It confused me for a while, and seemed a big problem to solve. I think it isn't entirely solved yet ... but this for now should help with some consistency for web development. We need to think of ways to make it easy to share state across multiple stylers.

Next up, I'm hoping to add some more direct support for this as a settings control in the editor.



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