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[orion-dev] KeyBindings + Groovy Syntax Highlighting


As another feedback, KeyBinding is definitely what makes an IDE a good one and you did really a great job in this area since the KeyBinding.js file is well designed and very useful. I have reused it to manage the commands of my virtual environment, something not too far to what you are calling global (keyboard shortcuts on orionHub). But it seems that the editor is preventing the global commands from being fired if they are not registered within it. And one can do it easily by reusing the same code to avoid the pain of a possible key to key conversion (X - > KeyBinding). But is it a good or a bad thing? 

for(var command in environment.commands) {
editor.getTextView().setAction(, function(){
return true;

If you follow the link below, F1 will show you all my current commands, ESC to close the dialogs and F7 to hide or show the toolbar. You will also see in action, my multi-templating system and my new back-end template.


Can we expect to have a syntax highlighter for the Groovy language? Will it be done through a plugin like for PHP and not through the use of a TextStyler? If so how can I expect to consume such plugin within my environment?


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