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[orion-dev] Fw: [Bug 394820] New: Git Repo page not loading properly

Any changes recently anyone did that may cause this?

Ken Walker
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----- Forwarded by Ken Walker/Ottawa/IBM on 2012/11/21 01:33 PM -----




Ken Walker/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA,


2012/11/21 01:22 PM


[Bug 394820] New: Git Repo page not loading properly
Product/Component: Orion / Git

Priority: P3
Bug ID: 394820
Assignee: orion.git-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Summary: Git Repo page not loading properly
Severity: normal
Classification: Eclipse
OS: Windows 7
Reporter: antonm@xxxxxxxxxx
Hardware: PC
Status: NEW
Version: unspecified
Component: Git
Product: Orion

Created attachment 223825
screenshot of error loading git repos

When I look at the Git Repo page, it stops loading after the first repository.
There is a JS error. Confirmed by another user on their computer.

See attachment

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