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[orion-dev] Orion Theming

Hi Selenio, 

Using your documentation, I have successfully created several themes for the Eclipse Orion Editor and they are derived from the CodeMirror ones.
Follow the link below, open the editor.js file, click on the config button and play around the themeClass option.


After you can see how things are working by looking at the bottom of this file . You will see these settings :



and the default configuration is :




The css files are loaded on demand via the injected loadStyle method : 


if(key=='themeClass') Orion.loadStyle(value+".css");
var options={};


You can perform a right click on the css folder + a click on the download item to get a zip file of the themes. And also, one thing that might be interesting would be to have an Orion web theme generator.



Currently, the way we expect the font, color, background and a few other properties to change is by providing a style sheet and by setting the themeClass option of the text view. Sorry, the documentation in this area is not very clear yet.  The basic API (which should not change) are the CSS class names defined in textview.css These are: 

textViewContainer     -> the whole editor including rulers and text area. 
textview                         -> the scrollable portion of the editor 
textviewContent         -> the contents of the editor - text area inside of scrollable area 
textviewLeftRuler       -> left rulers area 
textviewRightRuler    -> right rulers area 

Take a look at "examples/textview/themes/orion.css" for an example: 

.orion { 
        color: black; 

.orion .textview { 
        background-color: #ffd400; 


This style sheet specifies the ".orion .textview" selector which overwrites the background color of the scrollable area of the editor.  The style sheet is used by setting the themeClass option as follows: 

textview.setOptions({themeClass: "orion"}); 


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