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[orion-dev] documenting git workflows

hi, everyone.
I added some task-level documentation for working with git on the wiki.

A lot of the tasks simply link to existing page-level documentation.  We're trying to list workflows where a developer needs to do something, and isn't sure where to go in the UI to make it happen.  Then we can describe how to get started and point them to the other doc.

I know that we all have different ways of working with the Orion git UI, so I would appreciate folks reading/reviewing this page.  If you have time to add a task and the documentation, please do so.  But even if you don't, adding a section in the wiki for workflows that you would like to see documented would be useful, and I can try to fill in the doc.  Please add enough description of your workflow so that I know what you are talking about, and I'll clean it up...


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