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Re: [orion-dev] Proposals for enhancement to ContentAssist

Hi Tom,

I'd like to see icons and better styling available in content assist proposals.  This would make things look significantly more professional as your screenshot shows.  See this bug for some recent discussions in this area:

I had toyed around doing something similar to what you suggested.  But in the end, I implemented a small, fixed number of styles that are pre-determined by orion and clients can choose from.  It is a preliminary solution and something more sophisticated needs to be implemented, but it solved my original purpose.

Sanitizing the html for the proposal before displaying it would be one way to open up the styling, but keep things secure.

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 3:59 PM, John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Tom,

Thanks for introducing yourself here for those you might not know you. Consuming the Orion editor without the server is quite a common case and one I think we support fairly well.

Both of your content assist suggestions are very reasonable requests, and I think we can easily add them immediately after 1.0 is out. We can cherry-pick a change from GitHub but we still need a bug report to track. For a) we would need to do some sanity check of the HTML to ensure it is not inserting malicous HTML or scripts. We actually had code much like this early on, but we restricted it because of security concerns. However we could open this up to accept img and formatting tags at least to allow it to be made prettier. Please enter bug reports for both of these enhancements and include a pointer to the commit on github. Contributions are most welcome!


Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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10/15/2012 03:28 PM

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[orion-dev] Proposals for enhancement to ContentAssist


Before filing bugs against Orion I'd like to introduce myself and give
some background informations on what I'm doing with Orions-Editor.

I'm currently working on a proof of concept Desktop-(Java)-IDE using
JavaFX as the widget toolkit because JavaFX does not yet have a rich
text widget I'm simply embedding Orions editor component through the so
called WebView and use the _javascript_ <=> Java bridge provided by JavaFX
=> I don't have an orion-server! [1,2]

Now to my request I have 2 problems with the current content assist:
a) the proposals are not nice enough (compare them to the proposals
  provided by the Eclipse-IDE). I'd like to show an icon in front and
  meta informations like the package, owning class, ... in more light

b) I need not only insert informations after the prefix but replace the
  prefix instead.
  There are various reasons:
  * FQN class names need to be inserted (see attached screenshot)
  * Upper/lower case replacement e.g. imagine in write sett and popup
    the content assist which proposes setText()

I've forked the client stuff to my github repo and implemented both
functions. [3,4,5]

Is this something you want to integrate into your codebase after you
have shipped your release? How is your process? Are you using gerrit or
accept pull request on github. I'm committer on various eclipse projects
if that matters.

Next thing I'll have to take a look is to automatically add imports on
content proposals but those 2 feature are the most important.



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