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[orion-dev] Changes to JS content assist

Hi all,

I just committed fixes for content assist styling [1] and providing
non-inferred proposals [2].  After updating to the latest from master,
content assist in js files will first propose all inferred properties,
and then will show a second section at the bottom containing
non-inferred properties.  They will be highlighted in a different way.

Currently, it is not including properties defined in implicit types,
like String functions or global properties.  I may add these later.

There are also some less apparent fixes, like the ability to recognize
constructor namespaces, so for example, the following is fully
recognized by the inferencer:

var obj1 = { Fun : function() { } };
var obj2 = { Fun : function() { } };
new obj// content assist here will propose obj1.Fun() and obj2.Fun()

Please try this out and let me know what you think.  In particular:

1) Does content assist feel sluggish at all?
2) Do you like the styling?  How could it be better?
3) Do you want a way to disable non-inferred proposals?
4) And of course let me know of any other bugs that you find.



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