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Re: [orion-dev] Initial commit of esprima-based content assist

Thanks Andrew!

Yes, I think we'd prefer a defect opened against this if there is nothing currently. Pasting in your description is good. And also linking the commit(s) from

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Inactive hide details for Andrew Eisenberg ---2012/08/29 04:58:50 PM---Hi all, I just pushed all of the files needed for esprimAndrew Eisenberg ---2012/08/29 04:58:50 PM---Hi all, I just pushed all of the files needed for esprima-based content assist


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2012/08/29 04:58 PM


[orion-dev] Initial commit of esprima-based content assist

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Hi all,

I just pushed all of the files needed for esprima-based content assist
into master. This is a large commit, so I just want everyone to be
aware of what has gone in and how things will be affected. I don't
actually see an open bugzilla issue for this, so let me know if you
want me to open one to document the changes.

Here's what I committed:

1. the esprima parser in esprima.js (actually, Andy Clement committed
this a few days ago)
2. the logic for content assist itself in the esprimaJsContentAssist.js file
3. extra js files for indexing, navigation, and module name
verification. This functionality is currently disabled since it
requires some server components which are not yet available
4. a stub for the doctrine library to parse jsdoc comments. The
doctrine library is currently going through the CQ process and when it
is approved, I'll replace the stub with the actual library.
5. unit tests for all of this in the js-tests folder
6. a new entry in the defaults.pref file to automatically install the
esprima-based content assistant

Things are holding together for me and all of the tests are passing,
but please let me know if anything odd is happening for you and I will
fix it as best as I can. Once we are happy with this commit, I will
disable the old js content assist (except for the templates and
keyword completions) so there is no more conflicts.

This new version of the plugin comes with quite a few improvements
over what was available before. I'll write something up soon.

IMPORTANT- If you already have the esprima content assistant from
github installed, then you will need to uninstall it, otherwise there
will be conflicts.

Please let me know if you see any problems. Thanks.

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