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[orion-dev] restructured orion pages, big changes pushed...

Hi, everyone.
I've just pushed a pretty sweeping set of changes which removes our reliance on dijit BorderContainer for main page layout and instead opts for CSS layout and a home grown splitter.  [1]  The goals of this change were:
1 - simplify our html page and generated dom so that it's smaller, easier to debug
2 - reduce the number of modules and css needed for initial page display
3 - reduce our use of cookies to persist UI state such as splitter position
4 - provide a page template that plugins or adopters can use that does not rely on dijit unless the consumer wishes to use dijit

This change touched every single page (html, css, js) as well as tweaking many places where page code assumed that dijit layout was managing the outer page.   While making the changes, I removed a few unused pages, so John will be running a test build to ensure everything is still holding up.

Pages that use inner border containers or extensions thereof  (search, compare, settings) continue to use those layouts inside.  In other words, it's up to the page how to manage layout, but the common framing elements are now managed through CSS, and we can make page by page decisions on how we wish to manage the interior layout.  We have common page code that will look for inner dijit layouts and ensure they are updated when the page frame changes.

I've done some pretty extensive testing on Chrome and smoke testing on IE9 and Firefox and was confident enough to finally push the code.
However, for these "touch every file" changes, we invariable forget some page or perhaps the page has a mode that I did not know to test.

I would appreciate it if everyone could run a site from HEAD, test your favorite page, and ensure things are working.  Open a bug for me if it is not.

The layout is not "pixel perfect" with the previous layout because of some margins, etc. that we were inheriting from dijit css.  However, it's pretty close.  I expect that we could tweak these styles if needed, and the good news is that this kind of CSS is now all in one place, vs. shared between various Orion and dijit classes.



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