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[orion-dev] Ongoing problem with lost commits

We have an ongoing problem with lost Git commits in the orion.client repository. As one example, Anton's big commit with the theming work has now been in master three times. Anton committed it on Monday and then it was deleted. I recovered the commit and pushed it again yesterday. Overnight it was gone again and Gosia pushed it to master a third time. Current working theories:

1) We could have a bug where push does not fail when you are not caught up to the remote master, causing you to overwrite remote master with your contents. I can believe a recent bug in Orion or JGit could cause this, but we have flags on the git server that should make this impossible.

2) Maybe some process on the foundation side is smacking our entire repository overnight with an older version. The lost commits I observed seemed to happen "overnight" (which could also mean Susan or Szymon/Gosia who work during our evening/night). If you have examples to disprove this idea let me know.

Paul Webster and I have turned on some additional tracing on that will give us more details if it happens again. Please ping on this list if you see anything suspicious happen. Meanwhile, please make sure you fetch/rebase immediately before pushing any change to make sure you are not overwriting anything.


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