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[orion-dev] Changes to the Content Assist API (action required)


Here's a heads-up for some changes to the content assist API that just landed in master. This impacts any plugin that contributes to the "orion.edit.contentAssist" service.

Short summary:
  • An accepted proposal is now inserted as-is at the caret offset. The "prefix" is no longer automatically removed from proposals by the content assist engine.
  • The signature of the computeProposals API function is now: function( /*String*/ buffer, /*Number*/ offset, /*Object*/ context )
  • The context parameter provides additional info about the editor state. It includes the current line, the selection, and the content assist prefix.
See bug 375472 [1] for details, or read the updated Wiki docs [2].

For a simple example of a content assist provider conforming to the updated API, see cssContentAssist.js in the Orion client source code.



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