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Re: [orion-dev] Can't fast-forward and can't merge

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 2:57 AM, Tomasz Zarna <TomaszZarna@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi John,

You've got at least three options:
1. Force push (available on Git Log) your changes if you're 100% you want
to overwrite what's on github. This is kind of last resort solution, and I
don't recommend it.

I copied the text out of the file buffers and committed them via emacs locally.
2. After fetching changes from a remote, try to merge and in case of any
conflicts follow the link to Git Status to solve them. When done (add +
commit) you should be able to push your changes (including the new commit).

I did fetch and merge, but nothing happens. No conflicts, no messages of any kind. Just a reload.

3. You can also abandon your local changes by resetting your local branch
to the remote counterpart.

I guess I did this by trial and error. Remember that your git UI does not surface git directly: what UI operations did you have in mind here?

If none of these work for you and you have a set of reproducible steps
please open a bug. Feel free to CC me. We can continue the discussion

I do not know what causes this failure yet.



From:   John J Barton <johnjbarton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:     Orion developer discussions <orion-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   2011-08-29 18:47
Subject:        [orion-dev] Can't fast-forward and can't merge
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I seem to have gotten stuck, but I don't know if this is a bug or missing

I can't succeed at git push to github because REJECTED_NONFASTFORWARD. I
can't merge back from github, the UI just seem to refresh with no error or
change (well this much is surely a bug).

Any hints? I'll copy and paste as work around.

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