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[orion-dev] Changes in the authentication framework

Today I merged the work from bug353702 branch into master. The goal of the work was:
- to avoid server-side JS injection
- to enable authentication across domains

Now if you have a remote file system plugged into Orion, you will be able to authenticate in a seamless way.
You can also notice that login UIs are shown as pop-up windows not js dialogs. We will be working towards showing login dialogs
for plug-ins hosted on the same server as Orion and using pop-ups just for cross-domain calls.

Note that the profile page is also available for the Basic authentication now.

The user widget (showing the user name and sign in/out actions) is a plug-in now. So if you experience any problems working on the latest code,
try to clear the local storage and the offline cache.

Szymon Brandys

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