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[orion-dev] git-status.html UI

A couple of suggestions after using the git-status.html UI for a few days.

1. The command icons for each file are on the far right hand side; they only appear when you hover on the file line. But there is no visual indication of where the lines are and it's very tedious to carefully move way across the line to get to the icons. Icons on the left side of the name could be flush against the name; alternating line highlights would also help.

2. The black lines delimiting the areas on the UI are unclear. We have:
<a file>

Commit Message

So the file looks it could belong to "Staged" when it is Unstaged.  I think it would be clearer with zero or one line:
<files> or "(none)"
<files> or "(none)")
Commit message

3. Overall this UI is slower than command line (not counting user errors, which usually favors GUI). One improvement that would help a lot would be to enable the Commit message field as soon as the user submits a request for staging. I don't think the staging can fail in normal circumstances, so at worst the user enters some text that may be lost in a rare server fail or commit collision case. While the staging request is serviced, the user is typing. This overlap would dramatically speed up commits. The "Commit" button could be disabled until the staging completes.

An improvement would include listing the to-be-staged files in the Staged area grayed out as soon as the user submits. That way the Commit box does not move when the Staging completes.


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