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[orion-dev] Fw: [eclipse-dev] PLEASE READ: Eclipse Crash with Java 7 64-bit

This JRE bug impacts Orion too, due to its use of Lucene and Solr which both exhibit the problem. I recommend you avoid running the Orion server with Oracle Java 7 until this is fixed. You can also try the workaround of -XX:-UseLoopPredicate, but keep in mind XX arguments are generally unsupported and can have unpredictable results.


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[eclipse-dev] PLEASE READ: Eclipse Crash with Java 7 64-bit

When running Eclipse with Oracle Java 7 64-bit JRE (b147), Eclipse will
crash when it tries to index help documentation that isn't shipped
together with its index. The crash happens in Apache Lucene due to a bug
in the Oracle VM ( Oracle
confirmed the problem and is planning to ship the fix with the next
official update, currently planned for October 18.

The crash can be avoided by using the -XX:-UseLoopPredicate VM argument
(-vmargs -XX:-UseLoopPredicate).

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