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Re: [orion-dev] Receipt for orion plugin reloading

I was also just about to write that I think I found a solution (for my problem).

1. *refresh* the Plugins page (previously I was just clicking reload, since it was opened in a separate tab). This way probably the new js get's loaded.
2. reload the plugins
3. reload the editor with my plugin

Thanks also for your answer, I'll look into it.


On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 12:49 AM, Simon Kaegi <Simon_Kaegi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Caching is something controlled in the browser and typically not something we can interfere with on the browser-side. We've found the browsers are very aggressive in terms of caching content and in many cases won't do things like go back to check ETags or honour Expires headers. Ctrl-F5 does not work well in Chrome for example and only moderately well in FF and IE. You can always go through the various option menus and blow away you cache and that actuall works but is a real pain.

The only thing we've found to work consistently well is to set both Cache-Control and Expires headers when returning results. You might want to take a look at the CacheFilter class in the server.configurator bundle and some examples of it's use in the plugin.xml.
This is what we use now in Orion and it all seems to work well at dev time.

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[orion-dev] Receipt for orion plugin reloading

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I am changing several files:
- a css file (default-theme.css)
- a plugin html file
- a js file used by the plugin.

What is the sound way to reload plugins such that I can be sure that
no chaches in the browser or orion server are hit and all my changes
are visible?

I have tried to:
- reload (the action on the plugins page) all plugins
- reload (the action on the plugins page) my plugin
- reload page in the browser
- reload page in the browser without cache (Ctrl-F5)
- stop the server
- uninstall a plugin - restart server - install plugin

I have not find out the combination that consistently shows my changes.

Any tips on this? What is the minimum that should (theoretically) work
and if somebody encountered problems with such reloading/caching.

My expectations are that any changes in any non-java and non-config
files should be visible directly or at most reloading a singe plugin.


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