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[orbit-dev] Declaring Orbit Build: R20220830213456 (2022-09)

Hello folks,

Following the build process on the wiki[0] I'm declaring R20220830213456 [1,2] as our contribution for SimRel 2022-09 [3].

There are no changes compared to the 2022-09 M2/M3/RC1 builds, other than the p2 URL is not a permanent one according to the retention procedure[4].

I am on vacation and have just popped in to do the Orbit build. I will keep an eye out in case anyone raises a critical issue, but Orbit committers can feel free to just fix such issues. I expect to be back in time to do the 2022-09 RC1 and RC2 EPP builds.

I've also run a script comparing units (and to some extent, their metadata) since the last milestone or release build to be sure about what we're publishing.

=== CHANGED ===
=== REMOVED ===
=== ADDED ===

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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