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[orbit-dev] Handling of ip log entries in Orbit

Hi Orbit-devs/Wayne,

I have come across a strange case that I want to know how to handle going forward. At the moment every bundle in Orbit has a CQ# or clearly defined entry in /src/eclipse/ip_log.xml

However we have some bundles which are incorrect in orbit - e.g. maven/mavencentral/org.junit.platform/junit-platform-suite-api/1.8.2 is listed via its clearly defined entry, where the score is only 15. But the license tool accepts it because covers the bundle.

Can we ditch maintaining CQ, ClearlyDefined metadata in Orbit? Or is there something used here still? If it is the latter, it sounds like we need to extend support for the ip_log.xml file to have gitlab tracking #s too so the correct information is there.



Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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