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Re: [orbit-dev] [EXTERNAL] - Re: Orbit contribute directly to simrel

Le 01/12/2020 à 02:08, ShiHeng Guan a écrit :

Hi Pierre-Charles,


I think from the list you mention there are only like two items left.  When I get some free time I will see if the CQ is there and add the recipe in… but it will not be until next quarter, as this quarter release is closing.

Actually, it seems the only missing piece to get GMF to *compile* with Batik 1.13 would be org.apache.batik.pdf, used only in a single, well isolated location for exporting diagrams as PDFs.

I had to make some adaptations in the code to compile against 1.13 as some classes have moved (in other Java packages or in other JARs) and some APIs have changed. I have not *test* yet however. I'll comment out the PDF export to get a build that can be tested, but I'm not sure when I'll have the time to test. I'll report here when I have more information.

It's too late for 2020-12 anyway IMO, but if I can finally move GMF to a more recent Batik in 2021-03, we would be able to drop Batik 1.6 (and 1.9?) from Orbit.

Thanks for you work on this ShiHeng.

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