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Re: [orbit-dev] Apache POI 4.1.1

On Mon, 2020-06-08 at 07:35 +0200, Dirk Fauth wrote:
> Hi,
> I have seen the tickets and the discussion around apache poi 4.1.1. I
> also noticed that the recipe was committed some weeks ago. But it is
> not part of the latest R build. It seems to be only available in the
> latest I build. 
> From the timeline I don't understand why. It is on master for about
> two months now but not on the 2020-06 release from two weeks ago. Any
> reason why?

It's in 2020-06. It just isn't shown on the web page due to a typo in
the ip_log.xml metadata. I spotted the issue and fixed it for some
other bundles as well, so more recent I-builds will show it. I could
probably add them back in manuall for the already released 2020-06.

$ p2iu org.apache.poi
Installing org.apache.poi 4.1.1.v20200420-1729.
Operation completed in 7973 ms.

Roland Grunberg

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