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[orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20200427151422 (2020-06 M2)

Hello all,

I'm declaring S20200427151422 [1] as our contribution for SimRel
2020-06 M2 [2].

This a composite repository combining a newer build (R20191115185527)
that is based on the last good build from CVS (20160520211859, Neon)
and the latest build from the orbit-recipes master branch [3].

The following changes are new for 2020-06 M2 since M1 :

46ae046 bug 558284 - update javax.activation to 1.1.1
ac62794 bug 558284 - add org.immutables.value 2.8.3
27c3c93 Add reference to the 5-minute Orbit Recipes Guide in README.
9456a4b Bug 522431 - Add Apache POI 4.1.1
03e252f Bug 522431 - Add org.apache.commons.collections4 4.4 to Orbit.
22ecfc7 Added note about pushing to Gerrit
0b246f3 Add ASM 8.0.1
16044e8 Fix dependency metadata for org.apache.xmlbeans 2.6.0.
6077681 Added bundles from previous 3 commits to features
08d47ec Removed references to ATO in README
fbd9bfd Added ANTLR 3.5.2
7cd797b Added xmlbeans 2.6.0
903a2f3 Added Commons CLI 1.4

I've also run a script comparing units (and to some extent, their
metadata) between the 2020-06 M1 build to the current M2 repository to
be sure about what we're publishing.

=== CHANGED ===
-- IU: v20200319-1910.json
++ IU: v20200424-1421.json
-- IU: v20200319-1910.logging
++ IU: v20200424-1421.logging
-- IU: 1.0.0.v20200319-1910
++ IU: 1.0.0.v20200424-1421
-- IU:
++ IU:
-- IU: 1.0.0.v20200319-1910
++ IU: 1.0.0.v20200424-1421
-- IU: 1.0.0.v20200319-1910
++ IU: 1.0.0.v20200424-1421
-- IU: v20200319-1910.tests
++ IU: v20200424-1421.tests
-- IU: 1.0.0.v20200319-1910
++ IU: 1.0.0.v20200424-1421
=== REMOVED ===
IU: v20200319-1910.Default
IU: v20200319-1910.all 1.0.0.F6NJQwcCQxLqcLRy--MTzjJz-6rONoF5VKXv
IU: v20200319-1910.apache 1.0.0.E9pERyE85cL3dxVIvIqatkMp8WOTQqM
IU: v20200319-1910.javax
=== ADDED ===
IU: javax.activation 1.1.1.v20200424-1421
IU: javax.activation.source 1.1.1.v20200424-1421
IU: org.antlr.runtime 3.5.2.v20200417-1535
IU: org.antlr.runtime.source 3.5.2.v20200417-1535
IU: org.apache.commons.cli 1.4.0.v20200417-1444
IU: org.apache.commons.cli.source 1.4.0.v20200417-1444
IU: org.apache.commons.collections4 4.4.0.v20200420-1700
IU: org.apache.commons.collections4.source 4.4.0.v20200420-1700
IU: org.apache.poi 4.1.1.v20200420-1729
IU: org.apache.poi.source 4.1.1.v20200420-1729
IU: org.apache.xmlbeans 2.6.0.v20200418-0047
IU: org.immutables.value 2.8.3.v20200423-1717
IU: org.immutables.value.source 2.8.3.v20200423-1717
IU: org.objectweb.asm 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.analysis 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.analysis.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.commons 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.commons.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.tree 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.tree.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.util 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.util.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: v20200424-1421.Default
IU: v20200424-1421.all 1.0.0.F9tJSYcCQxMacLRy--MUeuAPz-GtgWCqetvH
IU: v20200424-1421.apache 1.0.0.E_RESiE89cL3dxVJ7Ri1l_q6wdd6z0mp
IU: v20200424-1421.javax

Roland Grunberg


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