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Re: [orbit-dev] test scope dependencies

On Wed, 2020-04-22 at 19:03 +0000, Homer, Tony wrote:
> Hi orbit-dev.
> I am working on adding org.mandas.docker-client 3.2.1 (
> I’ve been working on adding or updating the needed dependencies for
> this.
> I think I have changes open for all of the compile scope dependencies
> (and some required transitives).
> If you can take a look and give a +1 (or a -1) that would be great,
> thanks!
> Is adding test dependencies required, a nice to have or totally
> unnecessary?
> My current thinking is that it is unnecessary, but I thought I’d
> check with you.

I believe it has always been considered unnecessary. Even the recipe
creation in ebr-maven-plugin seems to only gather 'compile' and
'provided' scoped dependencies. In addition test sources shouldn't
be shipped with the library itself. 

With that said, it's still good practice to look over the imports in
case something is missed (optional, or maybe some reflection, as is
the case with the JNR bundles)

Roland Grunberg

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