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Re: [orbit-dev] where is commons.lang gone.

I checked out xtext-eclipse and adding :

diff --git a/releng/
index c28ddf17c..4ce9aab20 100644
--- a/releng/
+++ b/releng/
@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@
                <unit id="org.objectweb.asm" version="7.2.0.v20191010-1910"/>
                <unit id="org.objectweb.asm.tree"
                <unit id="io.github.classgraph"
+               <unit id="org.apache.commons.lang"

allowed the build to progress beyond the immediate failure
for me locally. Is that failing on Jenkins ?

With that said I can definitely confirm that the build succeeded
on I-builds prior to I20200418030240 so something strange is
happening, but at the same time, a direct requirement should
always be expressed in the target platform. The only difference
between that and the previous I-build is the addition of :

IU: org.antlr.runtime 3.5.2.v20200417-1535
IU: org.antlr.runtime.source 3.5.2.v20200417-1535
IU: org.apache.commons.cli 1.4.0.v20200417-1444
IU: org.apache.commons.cli.source 1.4.0.v20200417-1444
IU: org.apache.xmlbeans 2.6.0.v20200418-0047

and I can't see how that would have caused this.

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