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Re: [orbit-dev] Declaring Build: R20151221205849 for Mars.2

To repeat, there are not many differences between this R-build for Mars.2 and the R-build used for Mars.1, but both are significant.

We have added ant 1.9.6 to the update release (because they fixed a bad problem with their untar task. .

> org.apache.ant [1.9.6.v201510161327]
> org.apache.ant.source [1.9.6.v201510161327]

And there was a security fix made in "commons collections".  (We actually produced an R-build with this change already, but that was a "off-schedule" for those using the fix in patches ... but not everyone "on the train" has updated yet, since I still see the 3.2.0 version in .../releases/maintenance repo).

< org.apache.commons.collections [3.2.0.v2013030210310]
> org.apache.commons.collections [3.2.2.v201511171945]
< org.apache.commons.collections.source [3.2.0.v2013030210310]
> org.apache.commons.collections.source [3.2.2.v201511171945]

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