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[orbit-dev] Commit rights for Jeff McAffer have been expired

tools.orbit Committers,
David Williams has expired the commit rights for Jeff McAffer (jeff).  The
reason for this change is:

It is with pleasure and respect I nominate Jeff McAffer to Committer
Emeritus of the Orbit project. 

While Jeff is no longer active in Orbit, he was the one who started it all;
he proposed the project and served as initial Project Lead, starting back
in 2006. (See for some of the documents
related to Orbit's beginnings). More generally Jeff taught many of us all
we know about OSGi and modularity, from his writings, talks, and
professional example.  

Jeff will always have our sincerest thanks.

To honor Jeff's contributions to the project, David Williams has nominated
Jeff for Committer Emeritus status.

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