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[orbit-dev] The end is near ... 4/23?

No, no prophet of doom ... but Helios is ramping down, quickly!

M7 +0 is 4/30, so I suggest we target 4/23 to have any and all "helios required" bundles in our builds, and promote an S-build on that day, 4/23.

This will enable projects to produce M7 and release candidates with one less variable in their builds.

Is it feasible to be done by then?

Of course, it is possible for us, Orbit, to make fixes during the release candidate period, just like everyone else, but they really should be fixes, and fixes for bad bugs at that, not a bunch of new stuff that might effect other's builds.

Is this feasible? Does anyone know of any "big items" left ... that would not come in until after 4/23?

Let me know if anyone has a suggestion for an S-build date other than 4/23 ... only a few weeks away!