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RE: [orbit-dev] What to do about a bug in an Orbit provided bundle?

In the concrete case of Jcraft JSch, there's actually 2 possibilities
for reporting:

(a) Mailinglist https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/jsch-users
. Really responsive.
(b) The JSch maintainer typically also listens on Platform Core/Team
Bugzilla's related to CVS, in case your bug is very tied to Eclipse or
easily reproducable within Eclipse that would also be an option.

I'm also interested in JSch, so I'd appreciate if you could keep me in
the loop.


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Subject: [orbit-dev] What to do about a bug in an Orbit provided bundle?

Hi all,
I'm reposting a question I previously asked on eclipse.tools.orbit
newsgroup but got no answer:

I seem to have found a bug in com.jcraft.jsch bundle included in Obrit.
The bug is not in the packaging, but in the original code.
I'm able to provide a patch for the bug, but the question is:
Where should I report the bug?
Should I report it to Eclipse Bugzilla as a bug in Orbit, or should I
report it to Jcraft, and then request Orbit to include the fixed
version, once available?

Michal Ruzicka
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