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Re: [orbit-dev] Consuming Orbit bundles from features

Presumably your product includes features that you are building? Just add
the appropriate Orbit bundles to the included plug-ins list and it should
work. This is what the Eclipse Platform does. (along with adding the
appropriate map file entry)

orbit-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 01/16/2008 11:32:26 AM:

> There's a tantalizing piece of text on the wiki [0] which states
> "There are no features from Orbit, for consumers to use. The
> goal is that these bundles can be included in other project's
> features as needed. "
> However, I must be missing the piece which states how they can
> be included - is there some documentation on this?
>   best regards
>    Oisin
> [0]

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