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Re: [orbit-dev] Status of "uses" directive in Equinox and Orbit bundles

A considerable amount of work went into 3.3.1 and 3.4 to fix the performance issues regarding the uses clause (see

While the situation is much better than it was in 3.3.0 there may still be situations where the resolver will be slow when faced with multiple versions. It would be good to try the "uses" clause again and see what performance issues we see. Christian, would it be possible for you to work with some of the larger products include multiple versions of your batik bundles? you may also need to include multiple versions of the bundles which batik packages "use".

I would not mind working with you to set up such an environment for testing this again.


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[orbit-dev] Status of "uses" directive in Equinox and Orbit bundles


Back in the day when Orbit was young and care-free, some of us employed the
PDE's "Calculate "uses" directives" function to declare, in our bundle
manifests, the package dependencies of exported packages, to ensure robust
dependency wiring in the OSGi run-time.

However, we abandoned that when a performance problem was identified in the
Equinox implementation that made the "uses" declarations infeasible.  Do we
know what is the status of "uses" in Equinox in Ganymede?  Should we be
looking at re-introducing it to our Orbit bundles?  Or, have we already
done that and I wasn't paying attention?  :-)

I ask because I have an Eclipse application that seems to be running into
classpath consistency problems when multiple versions of the Batik bundles
that I maintain in Orbit are installed, and I thought that "uses" might
help (because that's what it's for).



Christian W. Damus
Component Lead, Eclipse OCL and EMF MQ/MT/VF
IBM Rational Sofware

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