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Re: [orbit-dev] Request to become Orbit committer


You've come to the right place.  Essentially you volunteer to bundle and manage a certain set of libs and an existing Orbit committer can nominate you.  I did that just a few minutes ago.  The vote will happen and at some point in the near future you will end up with commit rights.

As for your question, Orbit does not run an update site.  In general you should list the required bundles in your features and zips as necessary.  In the future this will evolve as p2 (the new provisioning story) comes to play but for now just continue as normal -- do the bundleing/IP work in Orbit but  update your build to suck the built pieces from the Orbit download site and include them in your distributions.


Michael A Squillace <masquill@xxxxxxxxxx>
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01/02/2008 03:32 PM

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[orbit-dev] Request to become Orbit committer


I am a co-technical lead and committer for the Accessibility Tools Framework project

and wish to become a committer to the Orbit project in order to bundle the following libraries. The libraries that have been approved have a CQ in parenthesies.

1. commons-beanutils, v1.7,, (1850)

2. commons-jxpath, v1.2,, (1866)

3. Bean Scripting Framework (BSF), v2.3.0,

Also, a question: If my project has runtime dependencies on libraries that are packaged as Orbit bundles, then do I simply include these bundles in my plugin/feature manifest to be included in the distribution or does Orbit has its own udpate site, enabling me to prereq particular bundles for my project? Same question for an RCP application.
--> Mike Squillace
IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center
Austin, TX


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