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[orbit-dev] Ant bundle naming

In the Eclipse Platform we have shipped the Ant bundle (named
org.apache.ant) for years.  When the bundle was released to Orbit we
changed it to be called to conform to the Orbit
standard of using the dominate package name as the bundle name.  The plan
was to then (in the Platform) create an org.apache.ant bundle which
required and re-exported the new bundle.

Although this works well in most Eclipse use-cases, we are finding that a
lot of people have scripts which reference the specific Ant jars. This
includes people who are contributing Ant tasks as part of their bundle,
etc. We can't break everyone and ask them all to change their scripts.

We are proposing the following:
- grandfather the org.apache.ant name into Orbit
- rename the bundle in Orbit to org.apache.ant
- let the Platform consume the org.apache.ant bundle from Orbit

Are there any comments/objections?

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