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[orbit-dev] Support for multiple versions in the map file released

As of today's I build (18:24), the support to fetch multiple versions of a given bundle has been released.

Two things to use it:
For plugins which will have multiple versions, replace the 0.0.0 by the first three segments of the desired version followed by "qualifier". Example:
      <plugin id="org.junit" version="3.8.1.qualifier" ... />
      <plugin id="org.junit" version="4.1.0.qualifier" ... />

Then in the map file concatenate the first three digits of the version to the plugin id (in the key). For example:

Note that the separator between plugin id and version is a comma.

Ps: this build also contains the new support for obtaining bundles from a http using the ant get task as well as a new and improved support to fetch prebuilt jars from CVS.

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