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Re: [orbit-dev] Apache Commons Lang contribution

Hey Brandon.  I assume that these have been cleared by the foundation for inclusion in your project?  Are you committing to maintaining the bundlings of these libraries?  Ideally you would also handle the other libraries that might be needed by OHF.  We are trying to manage the number of different Orbit committers.

If that all makes sense to you, we would be pleased to make you a committer on Orbit.  If not, you will have to find someone who is willing/able to maintain these contributions.


Brandon Ulrich <bulrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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01/21/2007 04:58 PM

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"Orbit Developer discussion <orbit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>"        
[orbit-dev] Apache Commons Lang contribution

I would like to contribute an Apache Commons Lang library on behalf of the
Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) project. We'll also have XMLPull API
and implementation libraries to contribute in the coming days.

I've set up the project as described in your FAQ and committed it to the OHF
CVS for now.


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